The Razors (AD8406)

Nadine Bal (from Brussels) did 7 fanzines, each with a different name/title… She was assisted by various people from the Bxl Underground scene. Stéphane Maes provided scans of AD8406; Coax & Hoax. I found a few pages of Carbona Not Glue (’77) in the Punk Etc collection. Nadine tells me the right chronology (from 1977 to 1981) is as follows: Carbona Not Glue, Trespass, AAArrrggghhh, Hoax, Coax, AD 1984 & Mystère.

Hoax (Oct. ’78) opens with a presentaion of ‘The Jam’; there’s also interview with ‘Bizzaros’ (Akron, Ohio) & ‘Rendez-Vous’ (ex-‘Stress’; from Liège); Jean-Marc Loffet writes about his favourite rock’nroll band ‘The Clash’ and interviews the ‘Buzzcocks’, etc.

Coax (Jan. ’79) has a lengthy feature on ‘Siouxsie & The Banshees’ (with interview conduted by music-journalists Annik Honoré & Pascal Stevens), chats with ex-members of ‘X-Pulsion’, a presentation of ‘Digital Dance’ (Bxl new-wave with Stéphane Maes & ‘Jerry Wanker’), and various odd bits, pics, new.

AD8406 (Apr. ’79?) contains presentations of ‘Streets’, ‘Mad Virgins’ & ‘X-Pulsion’; interviews with Iggy Pop (by ‘The Broll’), ‘Thrills’, ‘The Razors’ (Namur), ‘Métal Urbain’ (Paris), etc.

To grasp the spirit of that era, here’s an interview with another proponent of the Bxl underground scene: Nadine Milo (music journalist)…


I was really 200% involded in the [underground] music world in the late 70s and in the beginning of the 80s: shows on free radio-stations in Brussels [e.g. Radio Capitale], manager of local bands [e.g. ‘Digital Dance’], participation in concert-organisation (e.g. at Plan K [venue in Molenbeek/Brussels where Ian Curtis’ love-interest Annik Honoré (R.I.P.) was the programmer]), co-organisator of the first and only Rock Against Racism festival [79-04-21&22; with ‘Mad Virgins’, ‘Spermicide’, ‘The Passengers’, ‘Jo Lemaire + Flouze’, etc.] in Brussels, journalist for the local mag En Attendant [“in the meantime”; “first Belgian music-mag defending the punk & new-wave scenes”], etc.

Regarding the fanzines: I decided to make some for fun but mainly to share music with friends. I changed the name of each fanzine and sold them for ridiculous prices. I liked the creative side of it (lay-out, total freedom). D.I.Y. at it’s best!!! Anarchy. Rock is rebellion. Clichés but at that time is was a way of life and music that was so interesting – exploring new ways of expression – creativity without limitations…

Contribution from friends was encouraged – it was a true plus for the fanzine!

Improvisation is still my creative way, after all these years. I’m still singing in ‘BeNe GeSSeRiT’ [industrial/electronic/experimental duo consisting of Alain Neffe & his wife, i.e. Nadine Bal].

Nadine Bal a.k.a. Patrica Unk a.k.a. Barbara Montgomery a.k.a. Ella de Beauquoy a.k.a. Benedict G.

The Razors‘ (from Namur) were singer Chris(tian) Azoeuf a.k.a. Chris Toulouse (R.I.P. 2012; he also did the fanzine Barbapapunk). The others were drummer Jean-Pol Sohet a.k.a. Bob Fuckly, bassist Pascal Gabriel a.k.a. Gaby Siclet and ‘Max Well’  Rudy/Rudi Peret (guitar) [plus Jean-Louis Pierlot (sax)].


We know each other for several months already but ‘Bob Fuckly’ and ‘Max Well’ were in ‘Fuck’ previously, then there was ‘The Fuckers’ (with the same guys!), then the ‘Ordures’ [rubbish/thrash/filth] (with ‘Fuckly’ + ‘Gabi Siclet’ + ‘Peter One’).

And finally in December ’77, there were ‘The Razors’: ‘Gabi Siclet’ (guitar + bass), ‘Max Well’ (guitar + bass), ‘Chris Toulouse’ (vocals) and ‘Bob Fuckly’ (drums). A bunch of friends! The Belgian Punk Contest was our second gig, we had played at Le Magic Bus [venue in Charleroi] supporting another band and we made a huge mess there. We were playing without giving a fuck! It was a blast!


‘Chris Toulouse’: Maurice Chevalier [50s French singer], ‘Ramones’, ‘Peter Schläger’ [Pedro Ramis; ‘X-Pulsion’ vocalist], …

‘Max Well’: ‘Misstinguett’ (…) [“Queen of the French Music-Hall”], Gorgette Plana [50s French singer], ‘The Stooges’, …

‘Gabi Siclet’: Ray Charles, Fats Domino, ….

‘Bob Fuckly’: ‘The Spootnikks’ [???], ‘The Stooges’, …


‘Bob Fuckly’: [jokingly in poor French] Well, you know, because we’re not, well, anyway, but because it’s not like that, you know, how to put it?. You know what I mean, right?

‘Chris Toulouse’: As Bob just said, there are vocals, styles of music that go very well with French; I was going to sing in French also at the beginning, we tried, but it didn’t fit. So we gave up and wrote in English. (The sound of English words is nicer.) And as I consider my lyrics to be very important (otherwise I wouldn’t write!), I’ll pass on the most interesting ones to you for publication.

HOW DID THE CONTEST AT THE VIEUX ST-JOB GO? [venue in Uccle/Ukkel (Bxl) – First Belgian Punk Contest, March ‘78]

First of all, I think it was a very good initiative, it allowed a lot of bands, especially from the province, to make themselves known in the capital, which is still too much – alas – the main centre of Belgian rock music; since [music journalists] Gilles Verlant, Bert Bertand, [Piero] Kenroll [Pierre Vermandel], etc. were present and you will never see these at an amateur concert in the province…

The jury was not very objective when it came to ranking the bands. Only ‘The Passengers’ and ‘Mad Virgins’ [both from Brussels] deserved their place. You’ll think I’m saying this because we didn’t even get ranked – not at all: it’s because I know there are people dumb enough to trust the ranking of a jury of which we know almost nothing: who are they?

Apart from that, the organisation wasn’t too bad, neither was the idea of the LP [compilation with ‘P.I.G.Z.’, ‘Cell 609’, ‘Mad Virgins’, etc.]. Several bands didn’t get recorded; why? It’s a question of honour, brand-image. “You have to stay punk, you see, madam!” We don’t give a fuck. We’re not in London, we don’t have all the recording-facilities the English have; who can say when ‘The Razors’ will be able to record a single? At the moment we’re all pretty much broke, even in debt. So, you see, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.


A concert with ‘The Kids’ in Namur on April 13th [1978], then several others in the Namur region, then Le Grimmerin [venue in Grimbergen]; and we are looking for other contacts. (Please help us!!!) Contact: 59 rue Dethier, 5002 Namur. We would like to release a single but we don’t have any money!

‘Max Well’: We’ld like to become famous, become superstars, earn a lot of money and fuck a lot of girls!

‘Bob Fuckly’: I’m planning to buy a new pair of drumsticks.

‘Gabi Siclet’: I think I’m going to go to bed because I’m tired!


Yes, I have a lot of things to say but I have keep it short: what we want is to get the province (not only Namur) ‘moving’ because I’ve noticed that in Brussels people are jaded, they get offered a lot more things. (Yes, I know, what about London then!) They have their pubs, clubs, concerts, B-Side [distribution/shop], etc.; while in the province, the kids are bored to death. They are isolated, feel lonely, forgotten, sometimes suffer various forms of repression; like in Namur a few months ago where there was a big fight between the ‘Saturday night thugs’ and the punks. And that’s why we prefer to play in the province.

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