Scoundrels (Dwarsliggers #1)

Dwarsliggers (“contrary people”) was done by Roberto Gasparini (from Rotselaar). I believe there was only one issue (1989). He interviewed foreign HC bands (‘Political Asylum’, ‘Cry Of Terror’, ‘Scoundrels’, ‘Vernon Walters’, ‘Scraps’) & Belgian (such as ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Bad Influence’, ‘Zero Positives’ & ‘Deadly Serious’).

A bit before that Roberto had done No More zine with his mate Kurt Van Asselberghs. K. intended to do his own Imprisoned but that never got printed. R. also ran a small mailorder named Molotov distro.

In the late 90s Roberto was the bassist of the HC/punk band ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’ (Kurt Van Asselberghs played guitar).

Roberto has directed films. His experimental short film Free Admission won the Best Cinematography prize at the Cyprus International Film Festival 2008.


Roberto travels quite a bit: Portugal, the south,… From time to time he comes back (e.g. for an exhibition of his “art”)…

Kurt Van Asselberghs

First we did No More, then came Dwarsligger and later Wiffy Smells. All somewhere between 88 & 90…

Roberto Gasparini

The first band I, Brob, ever wrote for an interview was ‘Scoundrels’. It appeared in the first issue of my fanzine; see Scoundrels (interview Tilt! #1). That was in 1986 when they were still a trio (with drummer Guus). This one here is with drummer ‘Bootsie’ Geert Budts (ex ‘Skunk’) and when second guitarist Luc Proost (ex ‘Wulpse Varkens’) had joined. The others were Patrick Delabie (guitar/vocals; later ‘The Acorns’, ‘Betty Ford Clinic’, etc.) & Frank ‘Zappa’ de Hoon (bass/vocals).

[Translation below]


(Patrick – vocals/guitar, Frank – bass/vocals, Bootsie – drums/vocals, Luc – guitar/noise)

I did an interview with Patrick, vocalist of the ‘Scoundrels’. They have 2 LPs out on Swaddle records (Frank’s record-label [actually Patrick’s]) and you can obtain them for 250 BeF [6 Euro], from Swaddle records, Wernhoutseweg 195, 4884KC Wernhout, The Netherlands.

Dwarsliggers: You have a reputation for being real ‘punks’, does that bother you?

Scoundrels: No, we really tried to get rid of that image but just like our hair, it keeps coming back. We’re just a punk-band in terms of lyrics and attitude; musically I don’t know but that doesn’t really matter I think.

Dwarsliggers: Do you boycott any multinationals? Which ones? Why?

Scoundrels: Everybody knows them: Shell, Coca Cola, General Motors (I drive Opel.). I mean, it goes way beyond just boycotting multinationals. The public opinion and people’s behaviour, that’s where the problem lies! The relationship between the West and the 3rd World, between mankind and nature, just sucks! We should realise that we’re eradicable, unimportant, and part of nature. Why are space-shuttles still taking off and is there still hunger, why are people eating meat while acid rain is ruining forests and the environment. Why does the US government kill hundreds and then promises not to execute Noriega [Manuel Noriega; “president of Panama in the 80s]? Am I crazy? Sometimes I have doubts.

Dwarsliggers: Do you think the environmental problems can be solved in this system?

Scoundrels: In this system? At least not if people keep thinking like they do now. Car-use must decrease and perhaps be abolished. Meat will have to become much more expensive so that people can no longer afford to eat it 3 times per day, 7 days a week. Insecticides and many pesticides should be banned. Furthermore, a new energy-source will have to be found or a solution for nuclear energy (if possible), or more solar and wind energy, and white coal (hydro-electric power-stations). It is feasible, although it will cost us a lot of prosperity, but do we still have a choice in 15 years? The calf must first have (almost) drowned.

Dwarsliggers: Silence In The City is about unempoyment, I think. Is that correct?

Scoundrels: That’s the only lyrics Frank has written; I don’t think they’re that strong, but that’s logical. I like to be unemployed every now and then and relax at the expense of society. Far out, no?

Dwarsliggers: What do you think of the US intervention in Panama, the hunt for Noriega? [Noriega was an ally of the U.S. but fell from grace]

Scoundrels: Coincidentally, Noriega pops up in the conversation again (I didn’t read the questions beforehand.). I think that whole affair is a joke. First off: Noriega isn’t left-wing and second, he was supported by the CIA for years (financially). It makes me feel sick: after Irangate [secret arms transfers to Iran] another stage performance!

Dwarsliggers: What do you think of the HC-scene? Positive, negative aspects?

Scoundrels: What scene? For me there’s just one world and I’m not so concerned with the scene. I want changes and definitely not just in the scene! Who fucking cares? When we started ten years ago, there was a scene and there still is today, nevertheless I feel that a lot of people have turned their backs on the ‘scene’ and turned into jerks.

Dwarsliggers: Do you often sniff curtains?

Scoundrels: We sniff on all kinds of things (Don’t avoid the question, eh; ed.). Did you know that without a nose you would have no taste of food. Learned something again? (Learned something again!; ed.)

Dwarsliggers: A nice closing sentence, perhaps?

Scoundrels: Don’t become a prick yourself, because limp or hard: you stay one!!!

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