Extreme (Unsepulchral HC #2)

Kurt Horemans (from Laakdal) first did Riot Society zine and after that Unsepulchral HC. The latter was together with Peter Geerts (from Balen). A guy named Zander (who did the first issue) took care of some interviews. Kurt & Peter also did a small mailorder and put a compilation-tape out. And Kurt set up a few HC shows (at youthcentre Kameleon in Eindhout-Laakdal)…

Kurt had been in original line-up of ‘Zero Positives’ before Dirk ‘Scum’ joined (that line-up never played live though). He also ran Hurry recs on which he released the ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ 7″ (89) and the ‘Agathocles’/’Disgorge’ split-EP (90).

The 2nd issue (which got out May 1987) features ‘Behind The Dikes’ and Belgian bands ‘C.P.D.’, ‘Chained Evil’ & ‘Extreme’ (with the 15-yeal old Jan ‘Agathocles’ Frederickx).


I believe there were only 50 copies of R.S. (with ‘Wretched’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Agnostic Front’) made; the same for Unsepulchral HC, I guess. I don’t even have any of myself. The drawing on the R.S. flyer is by Wim Baelus, no doubt…

Peter Geerts en Zander were friends that were always helping with the things we did here in the southern part of the Kempen-area. At some timepoint Peter was in ‘Extreem’ (bass), the band that was a follow-up to ‘Extreme’.

As for concerts: we started with small ones in Laakdal, later in neighbouring communities such as Geel, Mol & Tessenderlo. Looking back I realize that we were very active back then, and had an exceptional scene. Very exciting.

We also put together compilation-tapes, made fanzines/buttons, started a tape-label (‘Cry Of Terror’, ‘Distress’) and did mailorder. Eventually I released records (‘Agathocles’, ‘Disgorge’, ‘Dawn Of Liberty’, ‘Chronic Disease’) and helped other bands releasing theirs (e.g. ‘Scraps’). Besides the music we were all strongly leftist with a politcally inspired message; radical and in favour of direct action. It was a very interesting period.

Later some of the people would turn out exceptional figures (guys such as the Baelus bros., Jan Frederickx, Sven Daems were always inspiring). They were all very active and assisted by other friends. Also Dirk Stynen was one of the enterprising minds in the neighbourhood.

Kurt Horemans

‘Extreme’ was one of the early bands with ‘Agathocles’ members Jan Frederickx (bass), ‘Jakke’ Jan Wygers (guitar) & Erwin Vandenbergh (here vocals; ‘Agx’ drummer/bassist); the others were drummer Wim Wouters and guitarist Philip Boonen. Soon after Jan F. a.k.a. ‘Moloch’ & Erwin formed ‘Hellsaw’. Kurt H. Informs me that Wim Wouters was also in ‘Extreem’ (follow-up to ‘Extreme’) with Maarten Vangool (‘Zero Positives’). The other guys of ‘Extreme’ (‘Jakke’, Jan F., Erwin) later formed ‘Agathocles’.

[Translation below]

Current line-up?

Jakke Wijgers: guitar (16)

Erwin Vandenbergh: vocals (16)

Jan Frederickx: bass (15)

Wim Wouters: drums (16)

(Philip Boonen: guitar)

Why did you change your name?

(wim) We used to be called ‘Menstrual Garbage’. We recently changed our name because many thought our lyrics were sexist. Which is not the case. We wanted to lose that image.

(erwin) … And so we are now called ‘Extreme’, guys …

Are you anarchists, pacifists, …?

(wim) I thought most punx had anarchist preferences, so do we, though the lyrics aren’t overtly political. We sing about things we don’t like, such as racism, fascism, the government, school, corruption, …


(wim) Erwin, Jan and myself are ± straight-edge. Jakke smokes and Philip sometimes dares to grab a beer. But we’re all against drugs (hard drugs).

(erwin) XXX, I’m straight-edge indeed: I never drink … beer. Of course I drink, but milk, the white motor. Everyone drinks what they want, of course. It’s up to you …

How did your first concert go? [87-02-13 @ Kameleon, Eindhout]

(wim) Our first performance with ‘C.P.D.’, ‘Ear Damage’ & ‘Sherwood’ went well in our opinion.

(erwin) For our first time it went smoothly. It went quite well and it was very pleasant.

How did the public react?

(erwin) In the beginning everybody was still hesitant, but after a while they took off. People liked it.

(wim) The audience reacted poorly (but then we also had to open). However, afterwards we received numerous positive reactions (from, among others, ‘C.P.D.’).

What did you think of the organisation?

(erwin) The organisation was just crazy, the guys from Unsepulchral HardCore (don’t we know them [irony]) did their job 100% well.

(wim) It was also the first time for the organisers, there were quite a few minor problems (like bass connected to the guitar-amplifier, etc.) but in general everything went too well; At least we were more than satisfied (Merci Kurt [Horemans]).

How did you find ‘C.P.D.’, ‘Ear Damage’, ‘Sherwood’?

(Wim) In my opinion ‘C.P.D.’ were the best: they played all hits and have proven that they belong to the top in Belgium. I also thought ‘Ear Damage’ was great, but their set was too extensive. ‘Sherwood’ was a bit disappointing to be honest, but when I heard them in Scherpenheuvel, two days later, I thought they were much better (nice guys, by the way).

(erwin) I didn’t get to see ‘Sherwood’ but I did see them 2 days later in Scherpenheuvel: they were pretty good. ‘Ear Damage’ was technically very good but they played quite a long time. The best band of the evening was undoubtedly ‘C.P.D.’, they’re simply the best Belgian band, especially the vocals were far out.

What do you think of …


(wim) I like their initiative but don’t think it will change much.

(erwin) I’m not a vegetarian at all but I am against the slaughter of animals.


(erwin) Not me because I break my legs. Skate or die!

(wim) Skating is god!


(wim) As far as students are concerned, things are not that bad (except from a few snobs) but I often find that teachers (and especially the director) abuse their position and power.

(erwin) Synonym for [???; local slang I guess].


(erwin) Broken.

(wim) Difficult question, hopefully there will be HardCore after death.


(erwin) Olé.

(wim) It’s short, so enjoy it and let’s not mess it up like some are already doing.

Plans for the future?

(wim) Hopefully play a lot of gigs, release a record, become known, … Our first demo will be released soon; it will be entitled We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About.

(erwin) I don’t really know: a few more songs, record a demo, play a lot and blow our noses …

Anything else for the readers at home?

(wim) Support us by ordering our demo and coming to our concerts! Stay active, keep skating, diving, thrashing, slamming, etc. Be original, be ‘Extreme’!

(erwin) Anyone who doesn’t like ‘Extreme’ is a big zero. Goodbye. Greetings to the chickens!

‘Extreme’ – ‘Jakke’, Erwin, Wim & Jan (@ Kameleon, Eindhout, 87-02-13); courtesy of Kurt Horemans

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