Moral Demolition (Het Schandaal #4&5)

When I got to know Het Schandaal – “the scandal” (through my mate Felix De Witte, who did some interviews for the zine), it was already at its last issue (#10). Het Schandaal was started by Bart Steens (from Haacht; later drummer of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’) & Marc Heindrijckx (from Berg). Dirk Ceustermans (bassist of ‘Koyaanisqatsi’) provided me with some of the earlier issues and Ann Hendriks also donated some…

#3 (late 1983): biography of ‘Sexy Bollocks’ (Bel), info on ‘Svätsox’ & ‘ De Zwembaden’, interview with ‘Subhumans’, Brasil scene-report, Xcentric Noise recs & tapes, Er Is Hoop tapes (Jos ‘Lärm’). #4: interviews with ‘Disorder‘ & ‘Mau Maus’; info on ‘Lärm’, ‘Pandemonium’, Punk Etc. #5 (84): the end of ‘Moral Demolition’, anarchism, history & religion, ‘Naked’ (US band), A.L.F., ‘P.S.A.’ (Ita), Terveet Kadet’ (Fin), etc.

Around #5, ‘Stel’ (Steven R. from Hasselt; bassist of ‘Subversion’) – who was doing a zine/newsletter entitled AMI – started to share contributions. In #6 there was no mention of Marc anymore, and Stel took over the editorship.

#6: scene-report Spain, chemical warfare, ‘EU’s Arse’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Amebix’, ‘Skeptix’ (UK), ‘Wulpse Varkens’, gig review of the show with ‘Conflict’ etc., and more. #7: info on vegetarianism, scene-report Finland, report on fascism in Belgium, presentations of ‘De Boegies’ (Nl) & ‘X-Creta’, brief talks with ‘Inferno’, ‘Necros’, ‘Wretched’, ‘Slam’ & ‘Patrol’ (UK), letters and reviews. #8: ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, ‘Onslaught’, ‘Warfare’, ‘Wretched’, Better Youth Organisation, ‘Political Asylum’, …

#9: announced the exit of Bart and wellcomed Felix; content: ‘Toxic Waste’, ‘Subhumans’, etc. #10 (last issue): interviews with ‘Conflict‘, ‘English Dogs’, ‘Deviated Instinct’, ‘X-Creta’, ‘Disrupters’, ‘Ceresit’, ‘Raw Power’, ‘Varukers’, etc.

After the last tenth issue  started contributing for the metal/thrashcore fanzine ‘Metallised’… Felix became a media-correspondent in Latin-America, worked for an NGO who defends the rights of children in Africa, Latin-America & Asia, and now for an developmental NGO.


I met Bart somewhere between issues 4 & 5. I had done one issue of my own fanzine AMI and we thought it would be better for distribution, the variety and the content to do something together. AMI was a separte part (4 pages) of Het Schandaal #5; we sold 250 (!) copies of it. It reads: >>Mind you: Actually this is a fanzine within a fanzine. The AMI pages are clearly distinguishable from Het Schandaal. The purpose is to make Het Schandaal a bit more enthralling and varied, and to make both AMI & Het Schandaal a bit more known. In that way there’s less chance that AMI and Het Schandaal give one-sided information. Hopefully this initiative becomes a source for a tighter cooperation.<< Het Schandaal #6 (print-run: 300!) still has 10 pages of AMI. After that my contribution was no longer a seperate AMI inside the zine but articles in Het Schandaal itself. And since Het Schandaal #9 Bart is no longer involved. At one timepoint he totally disappeared from the scene. No idea why. Felix then made his entry, with damn-fine interviews. Het Schandaal #10 is the last issue; I had to make a choice because of my studies.

Steven ‘Stel’ R.

I “disappeared” from the HC/punk-scene when I took a totally different musical direction (together with Ludwig, ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ guitarist). For years I was involved in the rockabilly scene (drumming for ‘Stirrin’ Stuff’ & ‘The Shuttlecocks’). All that ended when I suffered hearing damage

Bart Steens

I got to know Bart at the gigs in ‘Paradox’ [Antwerp venue; 1983-84] via ‘Stel’. ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ was active in 1985. It was probably because of Het Schandaal that I started DROL (also inspired by ‘Stel’). We both did a fanzine-stall at the concerts in Paradox. That’s also where we got in touch with Dirk Michiels of Punk Etc. [One issue of Het schandaal was dubbed “special Punk Etc. edition”].

Dirk Ceustermans

‘Moral Demolition’ canceled a gig in my hometown (84-01-28). They’d started about a year before (when ‘Pix’ split up – some went on to form ‘Krank’) but quit real soon so I never got to see them (they were from the Kempen region and mostly played Antwerp). The line-up was: ‘Bink’ (vocals), Danny Stessens (guitar/vocals), ‘Jaki’ Jack Kenis (bass) & Peter Janssen (drums). Their highlights were a support for ‘M.D.C.’ (83-12-21), their split-EP with ‘Zyklome-A’ and a track on the MRR compilation Welcome To 1984. ‘Stel’ wrote in the December ’84 issue of MRR (#20) that the band had split up and that Danny was trying to build a slower band, ‘Tribe Of Morons’…

From Het Schandaal #4:

Previously ‘Pix’; now with another bassist and singer. The former now play for ‘Krank’. ‘Moral Demolition’is. ‘Jaki’ bass: / Peter: drums / Danny: guitar+lyrics / ‘Bink’: vocals+lyrics. They’re from Turnhout; where people used to be (about 2 years ago) very active with concerts, parties, etc. Now there’s just bands, discos, cops, streetfighting and paratroopers, and the silent grey mass. Ideas within the band vary: Danny has anarchist tendencies; ‘Jaki’ & ‘Bink’ ad: have fun, do as you please. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about all the rest. You can combine: Anarcho-funism.

The E.P. has 3 songs by ‘Moral Demolition’: Police State / Bought & Paid / Killer Cops; and 3 by ‘Zyklome-A’. It was recorded at Ace studio in Antwerp and produced by Roland Beelen, together with Punk Etc.

Police State is the most important song; a possible vision of the future for our region and the harsh reality in countries such as El Salvador, Chili, Uruguay, Rusland, … People disappearing (i.e. arrested, beaten up, raped, tortured, murdered). These crimes are commited by law-enforcers and are possible here too. It’s not the intention to get rid of them but they should in the first place be serving the people, not the powers that be: those with the money.

Bought & Paid was written with the intention to make a slow, melodic song. America under Reagan; money = power. The citizen dreams, people suffer! In the end the song ended up hard and brief.

Killer Cops is a real pogo-song. It was actually written but improvised during a rehearsal. The lyrics are based on facts that anyone who gets arrested can experience + the fear for more.

Lyrics: ‘Bink’. For info: Punk Etc.


From Het Schandaal #5:


‘Moral Demolition’, the hardcore band from Turnhout, no longer exists (everybody knew that by now but still …). There was positive reviews from not just Belgium … ‘Moral Demolition’ will appear on the new Maximum Rock’n’Roll compilation (together with ‘Frites Modern’, ‘B.G.K.’, etc.) with the song Police State. But the band decided to dissolve. Peter (drummer) didn’t feel like continueing for a while and after a crap rehearsal, he decided to call it quits. At first we thought it was a joke but then we had to accept it as a fact; insisting was no use. The second problem was that ‘Bink’, the singer, was gonna stop anyway to join the army, so he could do that straight away. Danny and myself are the only ones, somewhat perplexed, who remain. We’re now in the process of forming a new band but we don’t have a singer yet. The band will probably called ‘Tribe Of Morons’ but that’s not certain yet. Danny will play drums, myself (‘Jaki’) guitar and Joris bass. Joris is a friend wo played for ‘C.L.C.’, another band from Tumhout that is splitting up. He’s actually a guitarist but he’s gonna play bass for us.


Pre-split interview

Recently your EP got out; what do you think of it yourselves and how did the split with ‘Zyklome-A’ come about? [‘Repression’ split-EP with ‘Zyklome-A’ (Punk Etc. 1983)]

We’re very satisfied with the EP. The quality is very good goed, the cover and poster could’ve been better though. It got 6 tracks and is definitely worth it, we believe! 100 BeF is the maximum price! We know ‘Zyklome-A’ already for nearly 2 years and we’ve always been fans. At a given moment we made plans to do a record together and about a year and a half later it resulted in this EP.

You’re on a cassette by Subvert. What do you think about it?

We know we’re on that tape but Subvert no longer responds to our letters and we have never seen or heard the promised cassettes. The recording wasn’t that good anyway.

You already played in The Netherlands and there are rumours that you would go to England, how did that come about?

The gigs in NL happened because of the article about the band in the Koekrant [Nieuwe Koekrand; Dutch fanzine]. Frankly, when it comes to audiences, NL is much more fun to play. In Belgium ‘local bands’ are not very appreciated. Nothing’s fixed yet with regard to England but we’re trying to get in touch with people who want to organise something.

What d’you think of the Oi-‘Cr@ss’ crisis, exploitation of punk; and is clothing important to you?

Jaki: I find that whole Oi vs. ‘Cr@ss’ thing nonsense, especially here in Turnhout. That silly thing makes you see how stupid some punks are. I once cut my hair and painted Oi! on a T-shirt and suddenly I was no longer one of the good guys, because I was supposedly a skinhead. Clothes are unimportant but I think you subconsciously buy or make clothes that are ‘different’.

Danny: Chaos shouldn’t be a goal. Why don’t those punks see that? The only thing you achieve with chaos is survival of the strongest (By the way: that’s even lower than the form of society of, for example, animals!). You can already see that now: society has fallen into an ‘anti-living-together-society’! Instead of joining hands and fighting (not against the innocent) for a better society: society and governments don’t belong together! Oi! creates chaos and dwells on it: they don’t replace anything. ‘Exploited’ sings “I believe in anarchy.” but I’m sure they won’t believe that themselves.

“Gary Bushell comes to bury punk, not to praise it.” (Pax records n° 7)

I like ‘Cr@ss’. At first I misunderstood them: rich hippies in their beautiful farm and ‘don’t fight back’. But I’ve read some articles about them now and these made me change my opinion about the band. ‘Cr@ss’ have great ideas about anarchy that probably made them so famous, because I think the music is only so and so! “‘Cr@ss’ are just a bunch of fucking wankers.” is not what I think. Would you see ‘Exploited’ helping out unknown groups to get more famous? Youth-cultures have always been exploited by profit-maniacs. This is also the case with punk: tigerprint-trousers, zippers, haircuts, … Thate’s why punk always hast to be innovative: no uniformity but making your own designs. Don’t dwell on it either whether or not you’re original: it’s your inner self that counts!

How long have you been playing?

In this line-up, about half a year. Before ‘Jaki’ joined, we played for about a year with Michel [Vanderhaegen], who’s now in ‘C.L.C.’ and ‘Krank’, as bassplayer. ‘C.L.C.’ is also a band from Turnhout and originated from ‘Disgrace’; once Turnhout’s most popular punk band, haha.

Which bands have influenced you the most and have you always played hardcore?

We’ve always played a kind of hardcore but in the past it was funny, simple melodies, now it has become heavier, but we still think it’s fun. We all have our favourite bands but we do develop our own style. We don’t want to be compared too much with other bands because ‘M.D.’ is simply ‘M.D.’ …

A word to the Hasselt group ‘Subversion’ who claim to be “the fastest group in Belgium” and simply imitate ‘Discharge’ (very un-original guys): there are indeed faster Belgian bands that don’t dwell on how fast they can play but who have made the choice for themselves what they want to play and come up with their own style!

A word from Danny: I puke on that ‘positive horror-punk’ stuff. Summoning ghosts, playing Dracula, etc. can be fun, but come on: that can’t be the goal!

What are your political views and principles, anarchy or not, vegetarianism, …?

Jaki: I think that people shouldn’t bother about other’s bullshit (= politics) and know for themselves what they’re about, but you should be able to take your responsibility in time!

Danny: I’m politically engaged in the sense that I don’t like all that fucking bullshit. I do like some points of the left and the greens (nuclear weapons, environment, …). I hate nuclear energy! I’m anarchist inspired and consider anarchy an ideal, not an illusion or utopia! Who says that anarchy is impossible in practice, knows very little or nothing about it! I’m a vegetarian and a conscientious objector.

See you at a gig, and let’s have a chat afterwards; we can become friends! (That’ll be for the new band.)

Smash the nazis, cops, politicians … Fight back for a better world.

‘Moral Demolition’

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