Peace Or Annihilation

Obviously this fanzine refers to the intro-tirade of ‘Crucifix’s song Annihilation (on the album Dehumanization, released in 1983)… Around that time Onno Hesselink (born in The Netherlands) was studying graphic design at Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. Some of his friends there (e.g. Erik VdV a.k.a. Erifix who did Macht Van De Onmacht (and later the anarchist mag De Nar [the jester] and was in Onno’s first band W.C. Papier [toiletpaper]) sometimes helped out.

Personally, I never got to see any issues until the Finkel-scene (youth-centre) started to get more attention and Onno interviewed my band ‘Repulsives’ for issue number 9 (86-11-16).

Thanks to Dirk Ceustermans (who borrowed some of the early issues), I know the first issue (1984) (made together with Danny?) mentioned (the female punk band) the ‘Wanda’s’, and Gepöpel? There was also an article on socialism/anarchism, and a report on ‘Conflict’ playing in Antwerp. #2 (’84) featured bands such as ‘Political Asylum’, ‘X-Creta’ & ‘Stigmathe’ (Ita), plus there were bits on vegetarianism & media-indoctrination. The same year there was #3 (with the help of scenester Patrick Van Laethem), with ‘The Fiend’, ‘VanAlles & NogWatt’, concert-reviews, vegetarian recipes, etc.

#4 was with ‘76% Uncertain’, ‘Wretched’, ‘Bloedbad’, ‘Verdun’, ‘Capital Scum’, ‘Onslaught’, ‘Wulpse Varkens’, ‘Svätsox’, ‘D.T.A.L.’, an info-sheet on ‘Chumbawamba’ and had reports on the Italian & Yugoslavian scenes. There was also (#5?) a collaboration wth Erik VdV (Macht Van De Onmacht #4) & Koen De Cleen (Snot) featuring Steve Lake (‘Zounds’), ‘Dezerter’, ‘Funeral Oration’, etc. #6 (’86) was with ‘Cancerous Growth’, ‘Negazione’, ‘Murder Inc. III’, ‘Death Sentence’ (Australia), ‘Asocial’, ‘H.H.H.’, ‘Blyth Power’, etc. There were also bits on multinationals and ‘women as lust-objects’. #7 was done with the help contributers such as Annick (Clerick), Bruno Stroobants (Onno’s class-mate), Frank (Geeraert) & Koen (De Cleen). It had an interview with ‘Final Conflict’, and bits about squatting, Belgian zine-gathering, anti-militarism, etc.

#8 saw the entry of ‘Heibel’s vocalist ‘Bollie’ as co-editor. Also helped: Anneke Knip (‘Indirekt’ tour-report), Erik VdV, Sonia (?, article on Afrikaner Weerstands Beweging). Bands: the Brussels ‘Bad Preachers’, ‘Heibel’, ‘Generic’, ‘Pigs In Blue Glue’, ‘Sons Of Ishmael’, etc. #9: ‘Scream’, ‘Impact’, ‘C.O.C.’, ‘Excel’, ‘Kina’, ‘Pure Hate’, ‘Government Issue’, ‘Repulsives’; These issues were in Dutch.

The last 2 issues were in English and in the A4 format. #10 (summer ’87): ‘S.N.F.U.’, ‘Ear Damage‘, ‘Ripcord‘, ‘The Detonators’, ‘Straight Ahead’, ‘Electro Hippies’, ‘Skeezicks’, etc.; articles on squatting in Spain & fascism in the U.S.; a scene-report from Peru, and more. #11 (jan. ’88): ‘Heibel’s U.K. tour report, ‘Butthole Surfers’, ‘Rhythm Pigs’, ‘Indigesti’, ‘Seizure’, ‘GOD’, ‘The Hard-Ons’, ‘Ignition’, ‘Poison Girls’ and loads more. Here Onno got help from his band (‘Indecency’) -mates Filip Burgelman & Chris Dexters too…

Regarding the bands mentioned: sometimes they were interviewed comprehensively, sometimes we got only informed abot them briefly. Since the beginning there was interest to review other zines (besides the obligatory musical material). Because some interviews of the later ones are re-published elsweshere on this site, I’ll choose some from the earlier issues later. If anyone wants any, feel free to get in touch.


Macht van de Onmacht, Snot & P. or A. did an issue together. It had Steve Lake (‘Zounds’) on the cover… An inside a pic of Onno holding my severed head… We both attended Sint-Lukas (interior design), were in the same class (8 students; small cozy group). The collaboration went smootly of course, everyone brought stuff and then, hup, you have a fanzine!

Erik VdV

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